An earthquake may cause injury and loss of life, road and bridge damage, general property damage, and collapse or destabilization of buildings. The aftermath may bring disease, lack of basic necessities, mental consequences such as panic attacks, depression to survivors, and higher insurance premiums. The bridges, whose seismic performance would directly affect the rescue process, play a key role in transport system, in which the seismic isolators are the principal parts.



   GT-LS cable steel seismic bearing is an innovative and patented product for seismic isolators. All our conventional bridge bearing, such as spherical bearing, pot bearing and laminated bearing, can be equipped with steel cable to against seismic effects. GT-LS cable steel seismic bearings are designed with a principle “Force-movement balance”, specifically to dissipate energy by breaking-away the pre-established force threshold sacrificial restrainer and sliding between the sliding material and stainless steel, and to prevent collapse of bridge deck by the pre-established movement threshold steel cable.

   After years of research together with State Key Laboratory of Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering, Tongji University (SLDRCE), it has been recognized by domestic and international experts and been drafted into local standard by Sichuan and Guangxi government.

   GT-LS cable steel seismic bearing has been widely applied in Nanchang Chaoyang Bridge in Jiangxi, Jiubao Bridge in Zhejiang, Chengdu 3rd Ring Road upgrades in Sichuan.

   GT-KZ two phase seismic bearing is a combination of conventional bearing and two restrainers, one fuse restrainer and one non-fusible restrainer. The restrainers, which have a pre-estiblished force threshold, are rigidly connected to bearing in order to avoid relative displacement under service load condition. Then bearings dissipate energy and prevent collapse of bridge deck by two phase:

   Phase 1: During the design earthquake, disconnect the fuse restrainer with bearing when load exceed the preset threshold to dissipate energy.

   Phase 2: After sliding to a preset movement condition, the no-fusible restrainers prevent collapse of bridge deck.

   GT-BZ friction pendulum bearing is designed on a basis of simple pendulum. Similar to a simple pendulum, the bearings lengthen the natural period of the isolated structure by causing the structure to slide along the main sliding concave surface of the bearing. Thanks to the frictional slide, the forces transmitted to the structure are greatly reduced.

   The bearing main sliding surface provides a restoring force and generates a dynamic friction force. The restoring force allows the structure recentre itself, if any displacement is occurred during earthquake. The dynamic friction force make the structure acting as a damping system during earthquake.