The Company

   Datong Inc., is a solutions and products provider for structural connections. Our products include road & bridge expansion joints, bridge bearings, and seismic isolators for both bridge and building. By using the products, we provide our customers, solutions to disaster prevention, noise reduction, and rapid construction.
   The technical team is formed by a consolidation of more than 10 Engineers with a background in mechanic, material, and structure. We work closely with Chinese top leading universities and strategically cooperate with renowned research institutes for innovative design and products. We currently own more than 35 national patents, and a number of these patents have been applied in product improvements benefitting customers. Our team has been author of more than 10 MoT and local standards of Bridge Bearing and Bridge Expansion Joint.

   In past 20 years, our products have been implemented in more than 1000 projects in over 20 countries and territories, including over 1 million linear meters of bridge expansion joints and over 50,000 sets of bridge bearings.

   Professional International Business Team and Engineering Team, have a thorough understanding of common international standards of the industry, as AASHTO, BS, and EN. Management Team has extensive experience dealing with international cooperation, we not only export "Made in China" all over the world but also bring international advanced technology into China.

   Datong Inc. has specialized engineers who have decades of experience in R&D, design, and manufacture. We have cooperated with ARLANXEO, Mitsui Chemical Inc., Northwest Rubber& Plastics Research& Design Institute Co., Ltd, Qingdao University of Science & Technology to constantly improve our ability in design and quality control. We have also incorporated with Mitsui Chemical, Inc. having our railway expansion joint rubber seal product being applied in the Wuhan-Guangzhou and Harbin-Dalian High-speed Railway construction.