Linear Natural Rubber Bearing (LNR)

By reducing the thickness of each inner layer, this can avoid the stress concentration in bearing and thus ensure enough vertical load capacity. Under compressive or tensile conditions, rubber layers will transfer all loads to the rigidly bonded reinforcing steel plates, thus most of the stresses will be withstood by the horizontally arranged reinforcing steel plates. Vertical load capacity can be enhanced by increasing the thickness of reinforcing steel plates.

All the horizontal loads are transferred by the rubber layers. Reinforcing steel plates do not affect the deformation of rubber layer and thus ensure the relative small design stiffness in the horizontal directions.

Typically, the horizontal stiffness is less than 0.5% of vertical stiffness. This ensures that the stresses transferred to structures are fairly small during earthquakes and minimize the damage to the structure.

This product has a wide-range engineering application mostly because of its excellent linearity and stable restoring force. A supplemental damper is required, since these bearings use natural rubber, which inherently have a low damping ratio.