High Damping Rubber Bearing (HDRB)

HDRB high damping rubber bearings are designed to reduce the energy transferred from the ground to the upper structure in a seismic event. High damping rubber includes both spring and damping characteristics. Since its hysteresis curves are relatively smooth, seismic isolation can also be extended to the equipment inside the building. The rubber provides a superior ability of deformations and also dissipates energy by higher damping. The laminated reinforcing steel plates inside provide the ability of supporting the weight of the structure.

Generally, a separate damper is not required, making it an excellent choice for areas with space constraints.

Due to its simplicity and economy, HDR bearings are widely applied in structures, especially in earthquake-prone areas, because high damping rubber bearings can work as laminated rubber bearing in normal condition and as seismic isolator during earthquake.

After earthquake, the bearings restore to their initial position due to their self-recovery characteristics of the rubber.