Friction Pendulum Bearing

Friction pendulum bearing is designed on a basis of simple pendulum. Similar to a simple pendulum, the bearings lengthen the natural period of the isolated structure by causing the structure to slide along the main sliding concave surface of the bearing. Thanks to the frictional slide, the forces transmitted to the structure are greatly reduced.

The bearing main sliding surface provides a restoring force and generates a dynamic frictional force. The restoring force allows the structure realign itself if any displacement occurs during an earthquake. The dynamic friction force makes the structure act as a damping system during an earthquake.

Rotations of structure are accommodated by the secondary sliding surface.

FPB Bearings is quite popular with its simple structure, good quality, and stable properties, economical and practical.

These bearings can be used in all kinds of bridge structures, especially in earthquake prone areas. In normal condition, FPB bearings can work as a spherical bearing; it will break away the shear pins, and show the pendulum function during an earthquake.