GT-Flex Finger Joint

GT-Flex Finger Joint dramatically increased the strength and rigidity of the expansion joint system through integrating modular expansion joint with finger joint to form a type “T” finger joint. The leg of finger can improve the strength and rigidity of joint. And boltless connecting of joint and adjacent structure make the anchorage more reliable. The continuous finger support can reduce the impact of vehicles, resulting the noise reduced. Based upon large amount of tests, the GT-Flex finger joints can have a noise reduction effect up to 5dB(A) compared to modular joints.

This joint, which is a cantilever type, may be uneconomical for large movement joint because it means a thicker steel plate. Typically, it is recommended to use for bridge longitudinal movement less than 160mm.

Skid resistance surface can ensure the friction coefficient not less than 0.55 throughout the service life.