Waterproof Rubber Strip

Waterproof rubber strip is designed to prevent water through concrete structure and damper the impact by means of deformation of rubber under every load cases.

Generally, the rubber strip is installed at construction joint, settlement joint and expansion joint and usually applied to concrete structure, such as tunnel, utility tunnel, culvert, retaining dam.

All the waterproof rubber strip can accommodate temperature range from -40℃~60℃.

2.1 Waterproof rubber strip with steel anchorage

Rigid connecting the rubber strip with adjacent concrete structure by the galvanized steel plate which vulcanized with the waterproof rubber strip, make more uniformly load distribution.


Product parameter:

2.2 Waterproof rubber strip without steel anchorage

Rigid connect adjacent concrete structure by waterproof rubber strip itself and its ribs. Accommodate the displacement of adjacent concrete structure by means of the deflection of rubber.

2.2.1 Bilateral Rib Waterproof rubber strip


l XB series of waterproof rubber strip

With a hole in the waterproof rubber strip, usually to be used in large movement cases.

l XS series of waterproof rubber strip

Without a hole, usually to be used in small movement cases.

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2.2.2 Unilateral Rib Waterproof rubber strip

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