Sealing Gasket

The EPDM sealing gasket is used to ensure the waterproofing of assembly concrete structure, such as the connecting of precast segment. By design the sealer compounding cellular EPDM with Hydrophilic rubber, can effectively release the compression stress during installation, and high resistance to deterioration.


u Good rebound capacity

u Highly resistance to aging, acid and ozone

u Wide temperature range

Keltan 13561CDE EPDM is used to fabricate rubber seal which developed by Datong Inc and ARLANXEO. All fabricated components features good rebound capacity, mechanical properties. This technology has been widely applied to Chengdu metro and being popularized all over the world by ARLANXEO.


The rubber seal fabricated by Datong Inc can be applied to connecting and waterproofing of precast segment, such as metro, utility tunnel, culvert.