Industrial application

Published on:2022-11-18  Browse:493

BearingSmart system can be widely used in anywhere long-term continuous force measurement is necessary. The three main areas BearingSmart system has direct applications are:


(1) Bridge



Figure 12. Application of BearingSmart on bridges

Bridge bearings, rods/cables, main cable saddle, and bulk cables can directly use BearingSmart system to measure key forces, calibrate the force values and self-adaptive control. In the field of bridge repair, BearingSmart can be used for monitoring and adjusting the forces of external prestress cables.

(2) Building  


Figure 13. Application of BearingSmart on buildings、

For buildings, BearingSmart system can be used for monitoring and adjusting the forces of seismic isolation bearing system and the roof bearing system. Prevent public buildings from unbalanced forces and the risk of overturning. For buildings affected by local subsidence, shrinkage and creep of concrete, bearing load of the supports will unevenly distributed, on which case, BearingSmart system is able to sensitively discover the situation and adaptively address the problems.


(3) Geologic hazard prevention (Intelligent anchor for the side slope retaining, building foundation supporting)


Figure 14. Application of BearingSmart on geologic hazard prevention

According to Dr Manchao He (2009), a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the alarm time of slope force is much earlier than that of displacement. BearingSmart System can be used to: (a) early warning of landslide risks; (b) avoid failure or excessive prestress.



Figure 15. An application case of BearingSmart on side slope retaining